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Patio Cleaning

Most residential properties and many businesses throughout London including Chelsea, Kensington, and North London will have a patio installation or an area of relaxation often designed with the most luxurious of natural stones. These beautiful installations look wonderful once all the work has been completed and the landscaping companies have departed. 

But everything located in an external environment needs a basic level of maintenance and that includes patios that succumb to staining from airborne pollutants and general soiling through everyday use from bbqs, to pet use etc.

London Driveway Cleaning have the experience and training gained over many years to pressure wash your patio slabs constructed from man-made concrete pavers through to the latest Indian stone, granite, limestone and numerous other premium quality natural stones  that are so popular.

If your patio or pathways are constructed of crazy paving we can remove the build-up of algae that often occurs as the crazy paving is so abrasive in nature the dirt and algae spores find the material an easy breeding ground to spread and spoil the appearance.

We work throughout West London and East London pressure cleaning patios and pathways with our professional power cleaning equipment. If your patio is suffering from algae infestation then we will suggest a pre-treatment to remove as much of the sub surface growth as possible before we pressure wash the site. Once the patio has been fully cleaned and allowed to dry we recommend the application of an impregnating, solvent free, sealant that still allows your stone to “breath” and expel retained moisture but resists the ingress of wine, oil, grease etc.

Available in two finishes a “natural” and “enhanced” the product is from smartseal UK Ltd extensive range of premium quality surface sealants. With a lifespan of effectiveness upwards of 10 years you can rest assured that once treated your patio will only require minimal bi-annual wash down to keep it in tip top condition.

If you live in North London, South London, East or West London then we can provide you with a FREE no obligation quotation for pressure washing and sealing of your patio, pathways or even pressure wash your brick walls or planters. Please call us now on 0800 988 0348 or complete our on line enquiry form.